Coffee Add Ins

Coffee is essential to many college students and post grads alike. And it is much cheaper to make it at home than go to Starbucks every day. There are tons of things you add at home, though to make it just as flavorful as a Starbuck's coffee.

  • Cinnamon. You can either add it to the grounds before brewing or straight to the cup of coffee.

  • Ginger. The ground kind in the spices section

  • Vanilla. You can add extract right to the cup or ground up vanilla bean in the grounds before brewing

  • Cocoa powder. Make a mocha at home! At some cocoa, or Hershey's syrup or even Ovaltine for a chocolate twist to your coffee

  • Mint. You can get peppermint extract just like you can with vanilla.

What other flavors can you add to coffee at home?


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