When Dating Becomes a Chore

By Shikole Struber

Not everyone is in a relationship, and now that you have a job you no longer have time to mingle. You get done working at 5 or 6pm and unless you go straight to the bar you often miss happy hour. You are recently more interested in chill nights as opposed to the crazy ones you had in college. You have no energy left by Friday night and a movie sounds so much better than taking 12 shots of tequila and waking up with a massive hangover.

But how do you meet new people who are worth your time? You've tried meeting potential mates at bars, but that has backfired more times than you can count. Sure it might work for the night. But nights quickly turn into mornings when you can see things much clearer.

Friends of friends are a gold mine. If you have a mutual friend there must be something in common. It also means that the person has been at least partially vetted. They aren't a complete stranger.

Other places to meet someone who is date worthy and not just night worthy:

  • Cooking classes. Sadly they cost money, but you'll meet someone who at least is willing to try something new and has a hobby.

  • Book clubs. You'll meet someone who has similar interests and you will have a built-in conversation starter.

  • Wine tasting. Classier than a bar but still involves alcohol.

  • Dog parks. If you like dogs this is a great place to meet people. It's outside, it's semi-active.

  • An exercise class. If you still think someone is hot after a workout maybe it's meant to be.

Good luck post grad singles!


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