What do you look for in a place to live?

By Shikole Struber

If you were going to move to a new state, what would be the things you consider about it?

Having attended the most politically active university in the country, politics would play a big role in where I decide to sign my next lease. CBS did an assessment of the most conservative and liberal states in America.

If you want to go conservative, head to:

Wyoming, Mississippi, Utah, South Dakota or Alabama.

If you are thinking liberal try:

Washington, DC (where I like to call home), Rhode Island, Connecticut, or New York.

There are also taxes to consider. They are decided on a state level and vary greatly. Some states don't have an income tax, while others rob you blind every paycheck. States that do not have an income tax include: Washington, Nevada, Wyoming and Florida.

Property taxes can also be sky-high. Especially if you are considering buying a home the next place you move, you should consider: Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. They have some of the lowest property taxes in the country.

What other factors should you consider when moving to a different state?

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  1. Or...just move to San Francisco, CA because it has it all...fitness, hippies, chill people, and great weather.