5 Small Ways to Save $

By Shikole Struber

I just got my paycheck for the month and it already seems like I have nothing left in my account. After rent and cell phone bills, and catching up on my credit card bills and car insurance, etc there's barely anything left to live on. Small charges add up fast. Here are five small ways to save money you don't even realize you're spending.

  1. Use only ATMs from your bank, or get cash back at the store. When you use an ATM from a different bank you are charged anywhere from $2 - $3.75 to take the money out. On top of the $2.50 your own bank charges you. (Look at your statement, it's there) Amount saved at your bank's ATM = $4.50-$6.25 per visit

  2. Get a club card for every grocery store you go to. And CVS as well. Only buy what's on sale. Use the card. You will cut down your grocery bill by $5-15 per visit. (This doesn't work as well if you are particular about what you eat.)

  3. Buy a 12 pack of cans of soda instead of getting one bottle a day from the vending machine. A 12 pack generally costs ~ $3.99 (especially if you buy the ones on sale). That's $0.33 a can instead of $1.25 a day at the vending machine. Total savings = $4.60/week

  4. Make coffee at home and bring in a traveler's mug instead of stopping at Starbucks every morning. It might not be as fancy, but you can add flavored creamers at home or even a splash cinnamon. Be creative. Total savings = ~$10 a week.

  5. Run large appliances like dishwashers and clothes dryers early in the morning or late at night. This saves the environment as well as money. You are charged more to run them during peak hours, and your AC has to work more to off-set the heat produced. Total Savings = ~ $25/month

For more money saving ideas check out Martha Stewart's list. The woman has some creative ideas.


  1. 6. Ignore the Blockbuster/Hollywood Video/Redbox and rent from your local library instead. They carry new release stuff as well as things you're not going to find in that Redbox like documentaries and television seasons. Also, many libraries have reciprocal privileges with neighboring libraries which could double or triple your selection. Best of all, it's a free service.

  2. Thanks for this, it is quite informative. I live in Manila with my family still and yet I feel the same way whenever I get my pay check. The difference is, if we use the teller of the same bank company as our ATM we're not charged extra. I like your #5 tip!

    I save by bringing my own food to work - sandwiches, being a staple or potato salad.

  3. Thanks for this...great scientific research!

    Another thing--use public transportation as much as possible. Less money on gas, saves the environment--one less person producing more greenhouse gases, and could potentially help you physically--maybe you walk a little more everyday.

    And--get a Brita/water purifier and refill your water bottle before you go to work. Less money on plastic, labeled water bottles, saves the environment, and probably taste just as good or better :)